10 Spiritually transmitted diseases

By | September 24, 2014

10 Spiritually transmitted diseases  10 spiritually transmitted diseases – spiritual life is as important as any other part of human existence. Spirit is related to the physics of every person and thus influence how they develop physical, mental and spiritual alike.

To be healthy we need a balance between different human states, and if we get a balance, we can get a beautiful and carefree life and problems. It happens that some diseases is susceptible for people spiritually.

People’s spiritual visions, perspectives and experiences are infected by contaminants giving immature and confused relationship to spiritual principles that seem as invisible as well as sexually transmitted diseases. Here are ten of the most common spiritually transmitted diseases from person to person:

Chosen people complex is not limited to certain religions, currently be found in various forms around the world. This “disease” implies that those who suffer from it to consider a select group of people belonging to a spiritually evolved, powerful and lighting that are better than other people. There’s a pretty big distinction between those who have truly found the right path and the right community and those who believe they are the Chosen One.

Group mind is a kind of spiritual disease that requires individuals to be co-dependent on each other in a traditional way. Longer entitled mentality cult or ashram disease and includes members of a spiritual group that agree unconsciously and subtly on the correct ways of thinking, speaking, dressing and correct behavior. Individuals and groups infected with this spiritual disease alienate others and the attitudes and circumstances that are not in accordance with the knew rules of the group .

Another spiritual disease that infects more people is spiritual pride. This arises when the practitioner, after years of spiritual effort, achieve a certain degree of intelligence and use this spiritual development to justify denial of the of any other new experiences. This feeling of spiritual superiority is a symptom of the disease which is transmitted spiritually. It manifests as a subtle feeling of ” i’m better, more wise and above others because I am spiritual “.

Mass production spiritual teachers greatly harms spirituality because most teach people to create itself spiritually enlightened although they are not nearly far enough. The big problem of these spiritual teachers is that not only teach wrong others but also they consider wrongly they are lighten.

Spiritualized ego occurs when selfish personality become completely impregnated with ideas and spiritual concepts. The result is a spiritualized individual structure that makes people invulnerable to help, advice and feedback. People with a spiritualized ego become immune and impregnable and can not grow spiritually.

Another spiritual disease that is transmitted is identification with spiritual experiences. The ego identifies with the spiritual experience of the individual and take as its own, starting to believe that people are their physical parts. In most cases the identification with their spiritual experiences doesn’t last very much, but persists in those who think they are enlightened, or those who become spiritual teachers.

Confused motivations are spiritually transmitted diseases because although people’s desire to grow is pure ingenuity, it is often mixed with earthly motivations such as to be loved, to belong to someone and to fill their spiritual goals. Confused motivations is manifested through the faith that a spiritual path will eliminate suffering and spiritual ambition hoping will become special and chosen for lighting goal.

False spirituality is another disease that can infect humans on a spiritual level, it is manifested by the tendency of people to speak, to dress and behave as they imagine an enlightened person would behave. This kind of mimed spirituality mimics spiritual realization in the way that imitation materials mimic real animal skins.

Fast food spirituality is the time in which ingenue spirituality mix with culture that celebrates speed, multitasking and instant gratification and the outcome is a blend of mimicism and falsehood. Is a product of understood fantasy and common that the eliberation of suffering human condition can be quick and easy. Spiritual transformation can not be had fast and easy by anyone .

The last disease that is transmitted spiritually, is the virus of total enlightenment belief . This type of disease stops the spiritual evolution of people, because for trying to reach the end of the spiritual journey, people think that they have completed the entire spiritual journey and spiritual progress is closed, because this belief becomes crystallized in the human psyche. Those who begin to believe that they have reached the end of the spiritual journey will not be able to develop.

The essence of love is perception, and self essence is perception of self. People can fall in love and can see clearly, because love means to have eyes to really see and not be blinded. Only when people see themselves clearly can begin to love truly others.

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