Data bases – useful tools beyond the concept of information

By | January 20, 2015

Data bases – useful tools beyond the concept of informationIn everything we do, we are constantly faced with the need to make decisions. Making a decision requires the existence of information on the actual situation on which we must decide. Supposing you are an entrepreneur in the printing industry, who is looking for ways to sell or buy products.

What do you do? First, you have to find customers or suppliers dealing in the same segment as yourself. Of course you may start looking for them for yourself, on the internet or simply just ask others for advice, and perhaps, someone would be smart enough to suggest you a database of printing companies as a place to start.

A reliable database will allow you to collect all the information you need, being a very useful tool in any process of business.
Nevertheless, notions like data and information have completely different meanings and the aim is to reveal them. Data are taken from real life facts based on observations and measurements. Information is the result of the interpretation of data by a subject and gives this subject the ability to make decisions.

Data becomes information only when their interaction with a system able to interpret them. At the same time it can be interpreted differently by different subjects, thus generating different information. There is a two-way relationship between data and information. Computer systems are processing data, not information.

The data are objective in nature, while the information is subjective. For making the right decision, the information must be: available when necessary, correct, non-contradictory, non-redundant and have the appropriate “form” the decision maker needs.  In order to be useful, data must be collected, stored, organized, retrieved and properly processed for them to be used as information. Such activity is related to the notion of database.

Consequently databases offer us information.  When aiming at high quality services in printing the most important thing is to have next to us the best companies which can carry out any job successfully. A database of printing companies on will become more than useful for issues of this kind.

If you can get your hands on a printing company database and it is only wise to do so, you can get in contact with your targeted audience more easily. Databases sometimes include many information about a company not only contact info. This way you can find printing companies not only in your area but all over the world ensuring your marketing campaign one of the most important benefits:  targeted information.

Currently being in a tough economic climate it is now more important than ever to ensure all of your money spent for marketing turn into  more profit for your business.  So in order to lay down a solid foundation for a successful campaign you should be able to do it by purchasing a list of printing companies from us. The business data provided with them is in fact the most useful information that is meant to cover different marketing strategies.

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