Eating on a Budget During our Vacation in London

By | February 5, 2015

Eating on a Budget During our Vacation in LondonVisiting London can be one of the more interesting and enriching experiences of our life. However, if we want our vacation here to last longer so that we may see and enjoy the beautiful places and edifices that the city has to offer, then we’re going to have to put ourselves on a budget. Otherwise we can soon find that we’re out of money and that we’ll have to cut our trip short because of this.

One of the easiest way to save money is by finding out in advance what are the places in London where we can eat on a budget, without spending too much. However, we will need to consider the money that we’re going to spend on taxis and airport transfer services.

What we will find with a bit of investigation is that we won’t have to rely on public transportation services alone in order to save money. The fact is that there are private companies that offer taxi services in London, as well as airport transfer services at low prices without sacrificing on quality, comfort and reliability. We can find such an offer if we view .

Even though the prices are higher than those we would pay for public transportation like buses and the sub, they are still comparable since they are significantly lower than the costs of normal taxies. Furthermore we won’t have to give up on comfort, speed and reliability, and this transfers into us having more energy to visit the city and enjoy ourselves.

When looking for places where we can eat on a budget we shouldn’t think about it as giving up on eating delicious food. In fact, on the contrary, we may find that some of these small kitchens, burger places, café restaurants and snack food places offer us a range of culinary delights that are rich in taste and flavor.

Honest Burger is one of the more renown burger places in London for the simple fact that, even though it offers something so common, a beef burger, it manages to do it in a manner that’s completely special, following a recipe that spells out amazing taste and quality.

We’re not going to receive the usual burger we’re used to either, this one is made with a thick slice of aged beef, juicy and sweet, that’s combined with caramelized onion jam, dill and mustard seed pickled cucumber and thick cut bacon. While the price isn’t exactly small, the sheer quality and size of the burger totally make up for it.

Other options that we have are Pizza Pilgrims that we can take away in the middle of Soho, Chettinad, which offers us the best budget take-out curry in central London, and Koshari Street, a small canteen where we can enjoy Koshari – an Egyptian snack food made from a mix of rice, chickpeas and macaroni which are topped with tomato sauce.

It’s easy to find budget places where we can eat in London, but when it comes to finding a budget alternative when it comes to traveling to and from the airport and inside the city without giving up comfort, 365airporttransfers is what we’re looking for. We can find out more at .

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