What To Do When You Have Been Diagnosed With Back Pain

By | January 24, 2014

Diagnosed With Back PainIf you have received a diagnosis of severe back pain, you might be feeling confused and frustrated. Many people think such a diagnosis is all but impossible to treat or requires a lifetime of dangerous medications and difficult to recover from surgeries.

While medications and surgeries are sometimes necessary, there are some easy to follow guidelines that can also help. Follow along as we discuss some of the lifestyle changes you can make to help eliminate the pains in your back.

When diagnosed with back pain, first consider some of the things you should not do. While it might be tempting, avoid sitting around on the couch all day or laying around in bed for extended periods of time.

This type of sedentary lifestyle will cause your back to stiffen up and can result in an increase in pain. Instead, opt for simple exercises, as directed by your physician, and try to generally stay active. By doing this, you will stretch and strengthen your back, helping to avoid pain.

While exercise and activity are important, you never want to overdo things when you have received a diagnosis of back pain. Make sure to avoid lifting heavy objects, and especially avoid lifting with your back. If you must lift something that is a bit heavier, always bend at your knees, use your leg strength and wear a back brace for support.

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Also consider the condition of your body when deciding on exercise. While a brisk walk might be encouraged, your back might ache severely if you decide to run a marathon. Remember that moderation is key. You never want to stop being active completely, but you do not want to overdo things either.

Along with watching your level of physical activity and the strains you place on your back when lifting, carefully consider your office environment. If you sit at a desk all day long, make sure your chair is comfortable and ergonomically correct.

Always make sure you are sitting with your knees about hip height, straighten your back and suck in your abdominal muscles.

Get up from your chair about every thirty minutes to walk around and take a break. Sitting for extended periods of time, especially in a chair that does not promote proper posture, is a sure fire way to increase the pains in your back. Avoid doing this if you hope to find relief.

Finally, discuss alternative therapies with your physician. Sometimes back pain can be relieved with the help of a chiropractor or regular massage therapy. These are much healthier, more natural options than surgery or medications, and they are often less expensive too. Take the time to explore such options before resulting to more invasive procedures or dangerous medications.

Being diagnosed with back pain can be scary, but it is not impossible to find relief. By taking the above advice seriously, you can reduce the pain you are experiencing and enhance your quality of life. Take these tips seriously, discuss them with your doctor and make efforts to decrease the pain you have been experiencing.

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